How to Deal With Store Surplus Items

For aspiring retail store owners, one of the least apparent aspects of running a store is dealing with the problem of surplus inventory. Items put on the shelves don’t have indefinite shelf lives. In fact, even goods that are non-perishable end up becoming obsolete, out of style or simply become sub par in quality due to its age. Obviously, perishable goods come and go faster. And because of this, it’s not surprising that there are numerous means of dealing with perishable items. On the other hand, what is a retail store supposed to do with goods that are no longer deemed fit for sale?


First and foremost, the key is to prevent overstocking of goods in the first place. It’s better to have a lower margin of sale in the event that shortage of stock occurs than to have so many items in stock only to end up in the dumps. The latter is a bigger loss for the business when all is said and done. However, in unforeseen circumstances that businesses are unable to control, there will still be instances where a considerable number of retail goods and wholesale products remain unsold. Whether it’s because of an upstart competition who took advantage of novelty to anchor themselves in the market or simply because of natural events like a drawn out winter.


One solution to this would be to take the philanthropist route and give the items to an appropriate charity. But this is a specific solution that can’t be the go-to for businesses every single time. Sure, clothing businesses can take out the tags from their apparels and donate to a related charity. But this isn’t always the case. Like when a cake supply store, for example, needs to get rid of their stocks that are beyond their shelf lives. School supply stores may opt to break even and set low prices on office supplies as well as school supplies. This is a practical way to approach surplus items, but there’s also a more convenient way to do so. Not to mention that it’s also highly likely that every surplus item will be sold. This option is to contact close out sale businesses that buy surplus goods. These businesses make a profit by selling said goods wholesale for businesses that are looking specifically to restock their specialty store in bulk. With the case of cake supplies, closeout sales can sell party hats, candles and cardboards in bulk for a low price.

Are Hoverboards Safe?

When hoverboards first came out in 2013, everybody wanted to get one. Kids get them for Christmas or their birthdays. People swarm parks and streets on their cool personal transport. However, the hoverboard business seemed to have declined in the late 2015. Reports came out about hoverboards ‘exploding’ or catching fire. People started fearing the device, afraid that they would be putting their lives at risk in a costly product. So, why are there still hoverboards out in the market? Are they safe now? First, let’s talk about what caused the incidents back then. ‘Explode’ is not really the term that should be used for it, ‘catching fire’ is more accurate. Those hoverboards were discovered to have caught fire because of defective batteries.


The batteries used in hoverboards are lithium-ion. And when these types of batteries are overcharged, they catch fire. So, how can we avoid the hoverboards from catching fire? Do not overcharge. This is the most important thing to put in mind. As mentioned earlier, the batteries are the ones that cause the fire. Overcharging it would lead to a disaster. Nowadays, there are chargers sold that extinguish the fire when the batteries are overcharged; this is when they are charging. Monitor your charging time. There is a certain number of hours the batteries should be charged. It is still best to be safe than sorry. The cost of a hoverboard is not the same as buying a skateboard. So, you have to make sure that you take care of it. Be careful when handling your hoverboard. Since it is not cheap, do not be so clumsy as to drop it or hit it with hard and heavy objects. Doing so would also cause some damage to the batteries that might lead to fire.


Handle your hoverboard with as much care as you would handle your car. The most vital prevention to note is the quality. Most of the hoverboards that caught fire were manufactured by companies that make cheap, low quality personal transports. Do not be blinded by the prices they offer. Your safety is more important than that. You would be able to find your hoverboard that is quality-checked from authorized dealers and outlets. Check out the specs of the device you are buying or ask a professional to explain to you the specifics if you do not understand. Always keep in mind that safety comes first.

Tips in Learning a Foreign Language Faster

More and more people are seeing less value in learning a secondary language. After all, the Internet is now able to provide automatic translations, right? Well, as it turns out, computerized translations are still decades off from precise translations. In fact, translations that are done by computers are used as materials for jokes and funny videos on the web. The awkward translations can elicit a chuckle or two for native speakers. Now imagine using that translator to talk with a friend who speaks the language. Nobody wants to look ridiculous in their attempts at speaking a second language. Here are some tips on how to get better at learning a new language.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

As mentioned earlier, nobody really wants to make a fool of themselves when using a second language. But then that’s actually what limits the learning capacity of most people. They want to be amazing out of the box and are scared of tripping on language nuances. Making mistakes, especially with language learning, is inevitable. Embrace it, acknowledge mistakes, recover and move along.

  1. Make use of technology.

Although technology makes it less rewarding for most people to learn a new language, it also provides a means for learning. There are different applications available on mobile phones and on the World Wide Web that learners are able to utilize. Some are available for free, while some are paid. Needless to say, though, that paid versions usually provide better content. Several virtual language tutoring available online can provide a more efficient language learning experience compared to taking actual classes.

  1. Have fun.

Learning a new language, or learning anything for that matter, becomes an exercise in drudgery after a while. In order to avoid approaching language learning as a purely technical pursuit, it’s best to keep having fun while doing it. Some can derive fun from watching television shows or reading books that are in the language they are trying to learn. It is an undeniably rewarding feeling to gradually parse the words and phrases that speakers and writers of that language are conveying.

  1. Find a willing partner.

Learning a foreign language purely by theories regarding sentences and word equivalences is only half the battle. In fact, it’s not nearly as important as actually practicing the language. Having a partner who’s equally as willing to learn help immensely in faster internalization of the language’s proper syntaxes as well as colloquial applications is also important.

Public Street Lighting to Consider


There are different types of public lighting needed for specific purposes and the same should be considered in choosing the best public lighting system. One of the most common sources of public lighting is the solar-public lighting system. It is a favored system since there are tons of benefits to it. One of which is the fact that solar-lighted public system is environmentally friendly and incurs lower maintenance cost. For a solar-lighted public system, there are several applications to it. Read more below.


  1. Street Lighting

It is important to note that street lighting system should have enough power to illuminate the streets, especially throughout the entire night. Solar-powered lighting system provides such power through its batteries as energy storing equipment. Also, you need to consider for such lighting system to provide efficient lighting, especially on the main roads and highways. Although there are traditional lighting systems that are also highly efficient, some of them are not durable enough to last for years. This is what makes solar-powered lighting system as a better alternative to public roadway solar lighting.


  1. Pathway Lighting

Another important public area that needs to be well illuminated is the pathway for bike lanes, pedestrian as well as the walkways. If you opt for an environmentally-friendly lighting system, you can choose Greenshine LED lighting system to provide efficient lighting solution to public pathways.


  1. Perimeter Lighting

Greenshine is one of the best sources for perimeter lighting as it can maintain efficient and proper illumination even with a larger land area. Perimeter lighting is commonly used for correctional institutions, military bases and large industrial complexes. Greenshine’s solar lighting system provides for an efficient and incredibly powerful LED outdoor light that will last for a considerable number of years. This will be a good option if you are looking forward to saving money taking into account all other considerations.


  1. Signage Lighting

If you are in the business of posting billboard advertisements and creating statues and monuments, then you should definitely consider using solar-powered signage lighting to make your subject look more attractive even from afar. This will make the ads standout in the public and you will have more eyes to them. Of course, you need a lighting system that won’t cost hundred of dollars for the electricity bill. With this, you may need to consider going green or choosing environment-friendly lighting system like solar-powered lighting system.

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