Are Hoverboards Safe?

When hoverboards first came out in 2013, everybody wanted to get one. Kids get them for Christmas or their birthdays. People swarm parks and streets on their cool personal transport. However, the hoverboard business seemed to have declined in the late 2015. Reports came out about hoverboards ‘exploding’ or catching fire. People started fearing the device, afraid that they would be putting their lives at risk in a costly product. So, why are there still hoverboards out in the market? Are they safe now? First, let’s talk about what caused the incidents back then. ‘Explode’ is not really the term that should be used for it, ‘catching fire’ is more accurate. Those hoverboards were discovered to have caught fire because of defective batteries.


The batteries used in hoverboards are lithium-ion. And when these types of batteries are overcharged, they catch fire. So, how can we avoid the hoverboards from catching fire? Do not overcharge. This is the most important thing to put in mind. As mentioned earlier, the batteries are the ones that cause the fire. Overcharging it would lead to a disaster. Nowadays, there are chargers sold that extinguish the fire when the batteries are overcharged; this is when they are charging. Monitor your charging time. There is a certain number of hours the batteries should be charged. It is still best to be safe than sorry. The cost of a hoverboard is not the same as buying a skateboard. So, you have to make sure that you take care of it. Be careful when handling your hoverboard. Since it is not cheap, do not be so clumsy as to drop it or hit it with hard and heavy objects. Doing so would also cause some damage to the batteries that might lead to fire.


Handle your hoverboard with as much care as you would handle your car. The most vital prevention to note is the quality. Most of the hoverboards that caught fire were manufactured by companies that make cheap, low quality personal transports. Do not be blinded by the prices they offer. Your safety is more important than that. You would be able to find your hoverboard that is quality-checked from authorized dealers and outlets. Check out the specs of the device you are buying or ask a professional to explain to you the specifics if you do not understand. Always keep in mind that safety comes first.